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We offer swimming lessons throughout the year for children and adults of all ages. Lap swims occur several times during the day for people with varying schedules and we have Public or Family swims at least once every day.

Find the Entry Fee Options That Best Fit Your Needs

Daily Entry Fees

Programs Price****
Open Swim (entire pool) $3.75
Family Swim (shallow end) $3.75
Senior Public/*Family Swim $3.25
Lap Swim $4.50
Senior Lap Swim* $3.25
Water Exercise $6.50
Senior Water Exercise* $5.00


Swim Lesson Fees

Programs Price****
Preschool 1-4 $9.75
Youth 1-4 $9.75
Youth 5-6 $6.60
Parent-Tot $5.00
Parent-Tot (Drop-In) $6.60
Adult $9.75
Private Swim** $39.00

Scholarships are also available for swim lessons. Click here for more information.


10-Visit Punch Cards

Programs Price****
Public Swim Punch Card $35.00
Senior Public Swim Punch Card* $30.00
Lap Swim Punch Card $42.50
Senior Lap Swim Punch Card* $30.00
Water Exercise Punch Card $60.00
Senior Water Exercise Punch Card* $42.50


Pool Passes: 3-Month

Programs Price****
Youth 3-Month Pass $100.00
Adult 3-Month Pass $125.00
Senior 3-Month Pass* $80.00
Family 3-Month Pass*** $250.00


Pool Passes: Annual (Paid-at-Once)

Programs Price****
Youth Annual Pass $300.00
Adult Annual Pass $430.00
Senior Annual Pass* $200.00
Family Annual Pass*** $600.00

*Seniors are ages 55 and older.

**All private swims must be scheduled with Pool.

***Please call Pool for more information on Family Pass Restrictions.

****Price listed is for Cash or Check Payments. There is an additional 10% charge for Debit and Credit Cards.

Click here to download a copy of the seasonal pool flyer.

*Regular Price is for cash and check transactions. 10% increase for credit and debit cards.