An Update Will be Sent on Monday, December 26 around 1pm for After and Evening Hours.

12/27 (8am Update): The pool will re-open at 9:30am on Tuesday, December 27 and should be open regular hours.

The Mount Rainier Pool is Closed this morning through 3pm due to a mechanical issue. An update will be made around 1:00pm for the afternoon and evening hours. For clubs and teams, we will be communicating through your coaches.

Please sign up for our email notification system to receive updates or check back at our website before making a trip to the pool this morning or call us at (206) 824-4722.

If things change, we will send out another update and post on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and we hope to have this resolved soon.

Thank you,


Scott Deschenes, District GM



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