Our History

In 1968, voters of King County supported the construction of community swimming pools.  In 2009, voters of Des Moines reconfirmed their desire to continue to maintain an indoor aquatic facility within the community.  Mount Rainier Pool provides vital services to the community by offering swimming lessons, water exercise opportunities, recreation and high school swim team events.  As the Waterland community, the concern of water safety is of great importance and the primary goal of the Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District is to ensure everyone, especially children, know how to swim.

Mount Rainier Pool originally opened on September 15, 1975 as a result of a bond issue in 1968 called Forward Thrust.  The Forward Thrust bond eventually built 16 public swimming pools throughout King County.  Budget constraints, beginning in 2000, led to the closure or transfer of many of these pools after county officials sought to turn the facilities over to local governments.  Mount Rainier Pool was operated jointly by the cities of Des Moines, Normandy Park, Sea-Tac and the Highline School District until it was slated for closure in 2009.

The Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District was created by a vote of the citizens of Des Moines in November 2009 to acquire, maintain and operate Mount Rainier Pool.  The measure was approved by 64 percent of the voters and five initial commissioners were elected.  The first official meeting of the Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District was December 3, 2009.  The City of Normandy Park and the Highline School District remain involved in the operation of Mount Rainier Pool.

Mission Vision Values
Our Mission
To enhance our community’s quality of life through aquatics.
Our Vision
To create a water-safe community that honors our aquatic heritage.
Our Values
  • COMMUNITY and INCLUSIVENESS in that we value all members of our community.
  • DIGNITY and RESPECT in that we treat all people with dignity and respect.
  • QUALITY and VALUE by providing quality aquatics to the community at a reasonable cost.
  • SAFETY is at the core of all decisions we make.