The pool is divided into two halves by a movable bulkhead. Both sides are capable of having a six lane 25-yard pool with the other half setup as a 15-yard pool. The deep-end reaches a depth of 12 feet and has two diving boards, while the shallow end is 3 feet to 3.5 feet. The pool temperature is 83-85 degrees.  It was built in 1975 as part of the Forward Thrust Movement. The pool is the home site for the Mount Rainier Swim and Dive Teams, all Highline School District Dive Teams, and Seattle Metropolitan Aquatics Team.  In 2018 a new pool shell was added with improvements for water quality and an additional ADA lift for access to both sides of the pool.

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2023 WINTER SCHEDULE –  (3/3/23 – Schedule Update): The Mount Rainier Pool will extend its current winter schedule through April 15th.  Our goal is to reduce the number of schedule changes. The next schedule will be announced in early April.

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 Mount Rainier High School Swim Meets

The Mount Rainier Pool will be closed the following days from 3:00-5:30pm for swim meets. Please check the interactive schedule. Due to COVID-19 capacity issues, spectators may be limited and hours may need to change to accommodate the number of swimmers.

    • Girls Swim and Dive Meets: Coming in Fall 2023. Season is usually late-August-February.

No School Swim Days

Looking for a fun activity for your family on No School Days for the Highline School District! We will have the entire pool open for you and your family to come in and swim between 1:00pm and 3:00pm. Even though the activity is set around the Highline School District calendar, all familieis are welcome. Special $3/swimmer fee! (Spectators are free!)

  •  New dates coming in Fall 2023



Date Reason Closure/Reduced Hours
Monday, February 20, 2023 Presidents’ Day Weekend Regular Hours
Saturday, March 4, 2023 Schedule Update Coming N/A
Monday, May 29 Memorial Day Closed Entire Day
Tuesday, July 4 Independence Day Closed Entire Day
Saturday, July 23 Waterland Parade Closed Entire Day
Monday, September 4 Labor Day Closed Entire Day


Click here for schedule taking effect on January 21st.