The District is governed by a five-member board of commissioners elected by all qualified voters residing within the District boundaries. Each term of office is six years and the terms are staggered with one or two positions up for election every two years. The commissioners, as representatives of the community, set policy, determine the direction of The District and ensure that public funds are spent in a responsible manner.

Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District is a municipal corporation with all the authorized powers provided in chapter 35.61 RCW. The District’s primary role is to provide for a safe and pleasant indoor aquatic facility, the Mt. Rainier Pool, located at 22722 19th Ave, Des Moines WA 98198. The District has been granted the authority to levy an annual tax on all taxable property within the District’s geographical boundaries which coincide with the city limits of the City of Des Moines. The District’s current 2022 tax rate is approximately $.2000 per $1,000 assessed valuation. The District also has the authority to contract indebtedness, issue general obligation bonds or revenue bonds and to exercise the right of eminent domain. The District ensures public funds are spent in a responsible manner for the safe and legal operation of the Mt. Rainier Pool facility.

Board of Commissioners

Position 1

Joe Dusenbury

Clerk of the Board

Term Expires: 12-31-2027
Committees: Capital & Contracts and Finance
Phone: 206-429-3852
Email: Click here to email.

Position 4

Holly Campbell


Term Expires
: 11-02-2025
Committees: Policy and Procedure
Phone: 509-903-5075
Email: Click here to email.

Position 2

Shane Stender


Term Expires
: 12-31-2027
Committees: Public Outreach
Phone: 206-714-1431
Email: Click here to email.

Position 5

Gene Achziger


Term Expires
: 12-31-2023
Committees: Public Outreach and Capital & Contracts
Phone: 206-429-3852
Email: Click here to email.

Position 3

Shane Young


Term Expires
: 12-31-2025
Committees: Finance and Policy & Procedure
Phone: 206-429-3852
Email: Click here to email.


District Offices
The Administrative Offices of the Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District is located at 22015 Marine View Drive S., Suite 2B, Des Moines, WA 98198.

Phone: 206.429.3852 (Not Pool Number)
Map/Directions: Click here for directions.

District Information

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District Facts

  • Geographic Size of District: 6.34 square miles
  • Population of District: 32,348
  • Age Profile (Median Age): 39
  • Income Profile (Median Income): $70,222
  • Racial Diversity Profile: Caucasian 55.9%, Hispanic 19.9%, Asian 11.6%, Black 7.4%, 2+ Races 9.0%, Native American 0.5%, Other 3.0%

Public Records Requests

Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District makes available for inspection and copying nonexempt “public records” in accordance with published rules (Public Records Disclosure). The District Clerk is the designated Records Officer for the District. It is the role of this office to assure the District is in compliance with the Public Records Act.  The District provides access to public records under the provisions of the Washington State Public Records Act (RCW 42.56).

Many public records are currently available on the District’s website at no cost. Please see the following for a listing of commonly accessed documents available on our website.

  • Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes
  • Board Resolutions
  • District Policies and Procedures
  • State Audits
  • Financial Reports

To request public records which are not posted on our web site, please complete the Public Records Request Form which can then be e-mailed or faxed to us, or dropped off at our office. Our District office is located at:

Click here to download a Public Records Request form.. If copies of the requested records is requested a charge of $0.15 per page shall be charged. An electronic copy can be given for $1.00 for the cost of a CD/ROM disk.

Some public records are exempt from disclosure, in whole or in part. If the District believes that a record is exempt from disclosure and should be withheld, the public records officer will state the specific exemption and provide a brief explanation of why the record or a portion of the record is being withheld. Questions or comments concerning public records requests should be directed to the District Clerk, Linda Ray, by emailing or by calling her at (206) 429-3852.

District Offices (Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District)

22015 Marine View Drive S., Suite 2B
Des Moines, WA 98382

Office Hours: Vary, Please make an appointment.

Phone: (206) 429-3852

District Staff

Scott Deschenes

District General Manager

Phone: 206-429-3852

Lauryne Thurmond

District Clerk/Aquatics Coordinator

Phone: 206-274-5557

Minutes Board Meetings

The Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District meets on the Third Tuesday of each month starting at 7:00pm.**** Any questions or comments should be directed to Lauryne Thurmond, District Clerk at (206) 429-3852 or by email at Effective June 1, all board meetings will be Hybrid with the physical location being the Mount Rainier High School Library (22450 19th Avenue So. – Second floor). The only exception is the July 19 board meeting that will be held at the Des Moines Pool M.P.D. District Offices (22015 Marine View Drive So.). See each agenda for more detailed information.

Emergency Proclamation Regarding Open Public Meetings Act

On March 24, 2020 Gov. Inslee issued Proclamation 20-28 suspending the portions of the Open Public Meetings Act and Public Records Act that require in-person meetings or contact and making additional temporary changes. Note-there have been a number of extensions to this proclamation. Once the proclamation is lifted, this section will be removed and replaced with a footnote below. This proclamation has been extended “until the termination of the state of emergency pursuant to RCW 43.06.210, or until rescinded.”. (Public Comment-Please read the “Public Comment” section of the agenda of each meeting for instructions on how to make a public comment by email and the associated deadline.)


01/04/22 BOARD RETREAT Agenda Minutes
01/18/22 REGULAR MEETING Agenda Minutes
02/15/22 REGULAR MEETING Agenda Minutes
03/15/22 REGULAR MEETING Agenda** Minutes
04/19/22 REGULAR MEETING Agenda Minutes
05/17/22 REGULAR MEETING Agenda Minutes
06/8/22* BOARD RETREAT Agenda Minutes
06/15/22* BOARD RETREAT Agenda Minutes
06/21/22 REGULAR MEETING Agenda Minutes
07/19/22 REGULAR MEETING Agenda Minutes
07/23/22 SPECIAL EVENT Agenda No Minutes
08/16/22 REGULAR MEETING Agenda Minutes
09/20/22 REGULAR MEETING Agenda Minutes
T.B.D.* BOARD RETREAT Agenda Minutes
10/18/22 REGULAR MEETING Agenda Minutes
11/15/22 REGULAR MEETING Agenda Minutes
12/20/22 REGULAR MEETING Agenda Minutes

*Retreat agendas will be set at regular board meeting before.**March 15 Agenda resent out on March 14 with vouchers.

    Budget and Finance

    District Annual Reports

    The Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District Annual Report is prepared to provide you, the interested resident, a review of the past year. This report is required by the state to be completed at least 150 days by the end of the year (RW 43.09.220) If you have any questions regarding the information within these reports, please contact the District Clerk at (206) 429-3852.

    District Annual Reports

    District Annual Budgets

    Washington State Auditor Reports

    The Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District by legislation must have an audit at least every two years by the Washington State Auditors Office (WSAO).  The WSAO does our audit on site every three years. Special Note-The WSAO elected to do a 4-year audit for 2012-2015 due to the timing of the audit.

    Certification of Levies

    The Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District receives financing each year from a Metropolitan Park District levy on real and personal property which was voter approved on November 3, 2009 when the District was established. Each year the amount of the financing changes due to the changes in property values in the district. Below you can look at each year’s levy certification and the amount of financing the District will receive.

    Board Resolutions

    2022 Board Resolutions

        Board Resolution Archives

        • Click here to view Board Resolutions from previous years.

        Past Agendas and Minutes (Archive)

        • Click here to view Board Agendas and Minutes from previous years.


        Pool closed June 20-July 4. Click here to view schedule taking effect July 5.