[Des Moines, Wash.] The pool is getting closer to re-opening, but still has a few minor repairs to go before announcing an exact re-opening date.

The pool closure projects including critical repairs to the main drain and supply lines were completed in January. Unfortunately when we restarted the pool, a number of mechanical items outside of the original project scope occurred including issues with a ruptured sewer pipe, broken heater coil, backwash valve repairs, pump issues and installation of a flow meter that was required by the health department.

All of these repairs can be attributed to the age of the facility, and years of deferred maintenance.

The good news is that we are down to our last repairs and will be announcing our re-opening soon. If you would like to receive notifications of our re-opening, visit www.mtrainierpool.com and sign-up for email notification system. We will also update the opening on Facebook (@mtrainierpool) and Twitter.

(Pictured) Sewer pipe repair discovered in January that had to be repaired before re-opening. One of the project discovered after original project was completed.


July 7 Schedule Update: Click here for more information.