The Mount Rainier Pool will be closed for refurbishment  projects from Monday, July 30 through T.B.D.*. The Highline School District will be removing spalling brick and putting a protective coating on the interior and exterior brick work, and replacing the clerestory windows above the pool.

PASS HOLDERS: All memberships will be extended to reflect the time we are closed.

OTHER LOCAL POOLS: Click here for a listing of other local pools you can utilize in the area during the closure, including their websites, phone numbers and links to directions to each facility.

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* The July 30-T.B.D. (To Be Determined) is the estimated project timeline. If this email was forwarded to you, or you saw this posted on social media, please sign up to follow the email notification system at We will post all information first to our email notification subscribers.


May 19 Schedule Update (Expanded Hours). Click here for more information.