The Mount Rainier Pool refurbishment project has encountered some unforeseen issues that will potentially delay the reopening date to January 2018. The original plan for this project was to replace the pool liner and tile surfaces. However, two major problems have subsequently been uncovered.

First, severe corrosion was found in the buried drain lines and circulation piping. This corrosion must be repaired for the pool to fully comply with current health codes.

Second, the mortar bedding for the pool wall and deck tile will have to be replaced. In areas, the mortar will need to be replaced with concrete. Both tasks will require sufficient time for the Portland cement to properly cure.

“This is common for capital projects of this size, and we apologize for the inconvenience,” said Scott Deschenes, District General Manager for the Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District. “While construction takes place, we are still making progress in other areas.”

The Park District has hired an Aquatics Manager to develop enhanced programs and services once the pool reopens. It also is conducting an Aquatics Feasibility Study to determine what the community and pool users want by way of a community facility moving forward. The next meeting of the Aquatics Feasibility Study will be Wednesday, September 13 at 6:30pm at the Des Moines Yacht Club and the public is invited to attend.

In the meantime, the Park District is meeting with pool users to update them on the status of the project and connect them with other community pools to meet their needs. A list of alternative options for individuals and groups can be found here:

This is the first significant maintenance project for the pool, which was built in 1975. The Park District secured an additional $75,000 from the King County Youth and Amateur Sports grant program for the project.

“We are grateful to our partners who recognize the value that aquatic activity has for the health and well-being of our community,” said Toni Overmyer, Chair of the Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District. “This grant helps stretch local tax dollars further and we appreciate the support.”

The pool and its offices are closed during this time. If you would like to contact a staff member, please call us at the District Office at (206) 429-3852. Sign-up for our e-news updates, like us on Facebook, and/or follow us on Twitter.


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