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POOL PROJECT UPDATE: October 26, 2018

The Mount Rainier Pool continues to be closed for renovations. This has been an extensive process and we appreciate your patience while these improvements and repairs are being made. We’d like to summarize what has taken place to create a better understanding as to...


(Pictured is some of the spalling brick repaired from the men's locker room.) The Mount Rainier Pool will be extending our closure from September 3 through T.B.D. to complete warranty work from our previous closure. These items must to be completed within the...

Past and upcoming projects


In 2016, the District closed the pool for one week to replace sinks, toilets and mirrors and to fix a leak that created standing water in the women’s locker room showers. See below to view a list of past District projects.


As part of the 2017 closure, the District will be replacing Mount Rainier’s Bulkhead. The current bulkhead is fixed to the pool deck, but the replacement will be able to move. This movement will allow Mount Rainier Pool to better execute programming throughout the day. Click here to view pictures of new bulkhead.



The Des Moines Pool Metropolitan Park District sent RFP’s to some of the best Aquatic Management Consultants in the country. Click here to view the Aquatic Feasibility Study RFP.


Checkout upcoming projects that will be performed in the next five years, including a roof replacement, ADA accommodating upgrades and a replacement of our Heat Recovery Unit (also known as an Air Handling Unit). Click here to download a copy.

Projects and Major Repairs
Since 2009

Job # Description Cost
2015-04R Locker Room Doors $10,601
2015-03R Repair Rear Door $864
2015-02R Repair Paver Patio $1,659
2014-06R Boiler Room, Natorium, Chlorine Room, Filter Room Doors $20,035
2014-05R Replace Exhaust Fan $2,962
2013-05 Construct sidewalk on north exit $2,738
2013-02 Furnish and install new 2.5 Seismic shut off valve $4,202
2013-02 Replace failed hw pump $2,872
2013-02 Replace Pool Pump Room exhaust fan $2,981
2013-01 Jetted drain lines in women’s and men’s restrooms $2,817
2012-10 Replace Tot Dock platforms $2,000
2012-08 Replace backwash filter valves & sand medium $10,980
2012-09 Replace toilets $7,000
2012-05 Re-stripe parking lot $2,100
2012-03 Replace hair dryers $9,000
2012-01 HVAC system repairs $28,750
2011-05 Energy Audit & Improvements (state grant of $84,000) $251,800
2011-04 Replace exterior glazing in Lobby $3,518
2011-03 Landscape Clean Up $9,100
2011-05 Repair pool deck subgrade & install new starting blocks $33,100
2011-05 Replace lockers $8,525
2010-06 Repair pool water heating system $13,343
2010-07 Overlay parking lot asphalt $6,588
2010-06 Replace pool circulation pump $8,876
2010-05 Replace chlorine/pH controller $9,500
2010-04 Repair HVAC dampers & control system $6,692
2010-03 Update & replace signage $6,800
2010-01 Replace florescent/HID light bulbs through out building $5,348


May 19 Schedule Update (Expanded Hours). Click here for more information.